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I deserve so many good things and I will not let you or anyone else put doubt in my heart anymore


How do you say….

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Man Ray, Quatre ou cinq fois, 1929
This is probably on of my favorite albums to listen to on a late night drive. It’s mellow, sophisticated and a little melancholic. Some people might not get into the some of the dated smooth jazz sounds on here. I mean it’s unapologetically the sound of a grown and sexy Black man in 1992, but it’s so perfect and moody.
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Final artwork for the first ep on the brand spankin’ new NEWBODY RECORDS imprint! What do ya’ll think? 

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LA Story: An In-Depth Look at the Rising Tide of House and Techno in the City of Angels

This is amazing! We’re so happy to be a part of this rising LA Dance movement! Thanks for the shout out XLR8R!

Backpack Powah with Felix from @basement_jaxx! #latergram #rhondavous #bestnightever

Telephone (You Got Me Feeling…) by N E W B O D Y™

New track!